Who we are 
Firstly, We would like to acknowledge and pay our respects to the Yugambeh people of the Gold Coast and all their descendants both past and present. We also acknowledge the many Aboriginal people from other regions as well as Torres Strait and South Sea Islander people who now live in the local area and have made an important contribution to the community.
As new parents we found it extremely overwhelming walking into a baby store and having zero clue of what we needed to survive parenthood. Throughout our journey with Penelope we soon discovered the essentials were; a pram, a rocker and great swaddle (....and coffee!)
Our daughter Penelope is now 3 and we still use swaddles for her - not to wrap her in - but to use as a pram cover, a blanket in summer, and at the beach. Don't get me wrong there are already amazing ranges out there but my husband suggested "what about something cultural?" I thought it was a brilliant idea and seeing as though his cousin Derick produces stunning Indigenous artworks, we thought we could really make something beautiful.
Since the launch of Peached in September 2019 we have since welcomed our second daughter, Florence. Seeing her wrapped in the Peached swaddles are so incredibly special. Not only were they created by her Dad, Uncle and our collaboration with Natalie Jade, they have cultural significance that embraces her Indigenous identity. We think it’s such a wonderful way to celebrate Indigenous culture and to wrap your little babes in something meaningful and super soft too.
We thank you for your love and support so far!
Love Kel, Ty, P & Flo xx
The Artist's

Derick and Tyrone Peachey are cousins from Wellington, NSW. They grew up as more of brothers than cousins and have always been extremely close. 

Both Dek and Ty are proud Indigenous men that are striving to pass the importance of their culture down to their own children. 

 "For me Aboriginal culture is my identity. It is where I feel a sense of belonging. When I think about Aboriginal culture I feel whole as a man from the Wiradjuri Tribe. I do Aboriginal art to reconnect with my heritage and my people. I try to share our beautiful culture with the rest of the world." - Derick Peachey. Artist of the ISLA, KOBA & OTIS Swaddle. 

"For me Peached gives me the chance to learn and be involved in my Indigenous culture. I was always very proud to be Indigenous but growing up in Cronulla I never really got the chance to learn about my culture. To have the chance to involve family and culture is a dream come true. I'm extremely proud of the products Kel and Dek have produced and I hope everyone loves it as much as I do."  - Tyrone Peachey. Peached Owner and artist of the PENELOPE Swaddle. 



Natalie Jade Collaboration 

Natalie Jade is an Australian artist with indigenous roots that inspire her and naturally and express themselves through her artwork.

She originally started as an abstract artist over ten years ago but now considers herself more of an intuitive artist. The paint creates what it wants itself to be without any pre planning.

  • Born into a family where “paint runs through their veins” she believes art is a journey of self discovery and expression. “In a way I’m letting others have a glimpse into my soul and also discovering who I am along the way.”

Natalie has always painted for herself and her own home and has now only started to share herself with the world.

”The purpose of my art is to create something beautiful that has a vibration through the colour and forms to uplift others and their surroundings”.